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Himalayan Kriya Yoga Class with Peewee

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Himalayan Kriya Yoga Class with Peewee

Himalayan Kriya Yoga is a powerful method of detoxifying and purifying your energy grid through conscious movement, breath techniques, mantras and deep connections with the inner core of earth and sun. This path of fire and light, as relayed by Maha Avatar Babaji and the Yogic Siddhar Tradition, was made known to the west by the great Himalayan Yoga Master: Swami Rama. Currently these rediscovered techniques have been share to the world from the teachings of Dr. Pradeep Ullal of Kevala Foundation.

Himalayan Kriya Yoga purifies ad raises your frequency giving you not only the capability to rise above physical and emotional struggles, but also unlocks your energy channels. It works into the deep subconscious mind liberating you from mental patterns that don't serve you well. Deeper still it helps you drop your karmic baggage so you no longer have to bare these burdens and have them manifest in your life time and tine again.

Right before the Holy Month of Ramadan, let's detox in all aspects of your being in order to ascend in awareness, riding above the ordinary through this ancient but effective practice of Himalayan Kriya Yoga.

Things you need for this experience: 
A yoga mat, comfortable clothing you can move freely in, an open mind 

Lead by our beloved Yoga teacher Peewee Sanchez

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