May 29, 2017 19 55 GST
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Unity Project, Vortex and Sound GalActivation

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Unity Project, Vortex and Sound GalActivation

If you feel you enjoy Intensive Advanced Practices;
then welcome home in our new Ascension Platforms channel  💜

We are starting new series on Spiritual Mastery and Ascension Project, with Sacred Sound Cosmic journey.

We continue with our weekly Unity Project, High-Frequency Activation, Light Energy Expansion and Sonic Resonance Alignment.

We welcome your presence to amplify Unity Vortex with Mother Earth Grid in Love and Harmony as ONE Heart with all Hearts of the Universe.

More Energy work and transformational sound frequency upgrade on the Light Body, the core vibrational sub-atomic DNA level, and the Higher Chakra System, to activate and handle more 5D High-Frequency Energy.

Together we send our Signatures to anchor the many coming Shifts of Spiritual Maturity as we are going along the Awakening path of Unity Love Harmony and Enlightenment.

Light Love Peace Harmony with All in All in Love,
With Mathilde A. Souffront Lumiere and Yogi George Stanboulieh SunRa 💜

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